How can Soft Phones help us?

A Soft Phone is basically a telephone but not the type that you picture at home or on your desk at work.

Soft Phones have all of the same features and utility except they run through software on your computer or an app on your smart phone.

If you are away from the office for any reason you can login to your soft phone and take or make any telephone calls as if you were in the office.

The beauty is that when you make a call the telephone number will be your work number and not your mobile number.

All that is required is Internet and mobile data to make the calls.

Where disaster recovery is concerned for example your office has been flooded or the power has gone out, staff can login to the soft phone on their mobile phones and the telephone system will continue to pass calls through to these extensions.

In the above situation you can still field those business-critical calls without the person calling even knowing you are not at your desk.

In the past you were sometimes able to forward a call to one place like a mobile number. This is extremely ineffective as if there is a large call volume then there will be a bottleneck if only 1 call can get through at a time.

With the Soft Phone setup, the telephone system is pushing calls through to the same Hunt Groups you have in your office except these calls are able to reach the soft phone app and with more people logged into the app the more members of the team are available to answer calls.

In short, the Soft Phone capabilities have been vastly improved over the last few years and the latest offerings are an essential piece of kit in today’s 24/7 online world.

Now is the time to embrace VOIP and experience all the benefits especially the Soft Phone described above. WWCS has a VOIP team who can help you to make the best choices when switching to VOIP. Reach out to us today and see how we can help you.