EPIC Group specialises in real estate investments and management, predominantly in Western Europe, with Switzerland, France and UK being the core markets.

Our main focus is on commercial yield producing properties in strong and stable economies, with an effective balance of strong covenants and long leases to mitigate risk, combined with potential opportunity for value creation through management and technical expertise. Our key sectors are retail and office buildings with additional investments in logistics/distributions centers.

Our team is comprised of experienced professionals with a proven track record, a diverse skill set and a wide network of contacts. We are headquartered in The Netherlands and run local offices with dedicated sector/market specific teams in each of the key markets where we operate: Switzerland, France, Czech Republic and the UK. This local presence helps us achieve sustainable long-term outperformance through hands-on management, quick reaction time and local market/sector expertise.

Asset Management

Hands on asset management at the individual property level is key to value creation and to achieving sustainable outperformance. Our dedicated sector/market specific teams, each with a strong track record, local market knowledge and expertise and an effective network of local contacts, work to maximise the value of every property. [more...] Our professional teams prepare detailed asset level business plans of value creating initiatives and oversee their implementation. These initiatives cover areas such as refurbishments, surrenders and re-letting, lease restructuring, rent reviews and change of use.

Property Management

Day-to-day property management is conducted locally by our professional teams, leveraging a network of on-site managers and external service providers. [more...]We strive to provide tenants with top class service by developing close relationships, being attentive to their needs and promptly and proactively addressing them when they arise. When possible, we also work closely with local communities, as we believe that co-operation and partnerships are key to mutual success.


While our core activity is investments and management of yield producing properties, we also initiate and manage development projects when the opportunity arises, on a highly selective basis.


Financing strategy and execution is key to delivering value in real estate investments. We take pride in our close and successful relationships with our lenders and our strong and flawless track record. [more...]We leverage our extensive experience in property financing, wide and effective network of contacts and strong financial expertise, to structure, negotiate and execute sustainable and effective credit facilities to optimise return on our capital base.

Risk management and hedging

We believe that robust and effective risk management is key to achieving sustainable outperformance. On the asset allocation side, risk management is pivotal to our strategic decision making on what markets and sectors we chose to operate in and what risk/return characteristics is consistent with our risk/return objectives - both on an individual asset level as well as for the portfolio overall. [more...]On the financial side, risk management drives the optimisation of our debt structure, with the aim of achieving effective alignment of assets and liabilities, and matching future incoming and outgoing cash flows. Risk management also drives the hedging strategies we apply, from hedging instruments against interest rate volatility to reducing exposure to currency fluctuations.


Roni Greenbaum
Director, European Property Investment Corporation

Roni Greenbaum concentrates on the identification and realization of new business opportunities and investments. [more...]

Erel Agmon
Director, European Property Investment Corporation

Erel leads the group's business development initiatives in areas outside the group's traditional markets. [more...]


Philippe Macaigne
Director, EPIC France

Philippe co-leads EPIC business development in France. He joined the group in 2006. [more...]

Denis Maupetit
Director, EPIC France

Denis co-leads EPIC business development in France. He joined the group in 2006. [more...]


Arik Parizer
Member of the Board and CEO of EPIC Switzerland

Arik is responsible for the group's new acquisitions and investments in the Swiss market, and also manages the existing Swiss portfolio. [more...]


Aharon Rabinovitz
Director, Property Investment Holdings (PIH) Netherlands

Aharon is Chief Financial Officer at PIH. He manages the company accounts and coordinates with the PIH subsidiaries across Europe to consolidate the European accounts. [more...]