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My mother and father started the business in 1983. In the days when computers were relatively rare.

Their business (Word Workshop) was a word processing bureau. Clients bought in their hand written letters and documents and my parents typed them up and printed them out.”

Things have changed slightly since then, there are now seven  members of the WWCS team and we have offices in Edgware, Middlesex.

We work by recommendation and word of mouth only and have never advertised.


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We support around 95 clients. None of their requirements are the same. Some we speak to daily and some clients a couple of times a year. Some clients have one user networks, some have multiple locations and over 100 PC’s with multiple servers.

We offer an Unlimited Annual Support Package covering every aspect of your IT Network from the servers and internet connection to domain names and telephone systems.

Services include WWCS Complete IT Support, Server & Workstation installation, WWCS@Home, Web design & implementation, IT Consultancy, Ad Hoc IT Projects, VOIP Telephone Systems, Smart Home AV installations                 


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